Trompe L'Oeil Tuscan Landscape

This trompe l’oeil window transformed an awkward wall into a focal point.  Adding an old world plaster finish further enhanced the illusion.

Tuscan Scene on Tile A Tuscan scene painted on tile.
Still Life on Tile Prepared with a clear gesso and sealed with multiple coats of a matte polyurethane, these plain kitchen tiles were hand painted after installation.  
Cheetah Pediatric office goes wild!
Click pic to see several pictures.
Bambi and Friends Friendly fun in the nursery.
Bambi and Friends Inspired by a coloring sheet found on the internet, this mural is nearly completed. Check back later to view the finished version.
Mr. Sun in a Children's DaycareBalloon Mural in Children's Daycare

Children’s rooms, childcare centers, and pediatric offices are popular places for murals. They are often the most fun to do as they tend to allow for more whimsy and a playful approach.

Alexa's Friends Click on the critters to see more pics from this sweet nursery in pink and green.
Trompe L'oeil Fireplace Fire A faux fire painted on canvas
and installed in a showroom
fireplace facade.
Cezanne Kitchen Border A Cezanne inspired still life
adds color to a kitchen.
Lemon Tree This lemon tree welcomes visitors in an entryway. Names of family members were later added.
Coca Cola Mural in a Game Room A 5'x7' mural creates
a bold statement about the
theme in a family game room.
Colorful Rooster in a Kitchen This rooster adds charm
to a vintage stove.
Trompe L'oeil Still Life Picture Trompe l'oeil frame with still life on canvas. The showroom wall was too thin to hang any artwork on.
Trompe l'oeil Brick Wall Faux aged plaster finish with trompe l'oeil exposed bricks.
Indoor Cafe An institutional break room
received a warm and
friendly makeover.
Two Color Red Glazed Wall Red made richer
with a simple two color glaze.
Rileigh Wall Hanging Wall hangings painted on
artist quality canvas make great gifts and are easy to ship.